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Plasmetrix Surface Plasmon Resonance devices:

Compact Optical Research Instruments “CORGI“

Affordable and versatile SPR systems for research, education and industrial laboratories.


   Surface Plasmon Resonance  platform “CORGI IIF”:

   1. Surface Plasmon Resonance  device with double channels “CORGI IIF”
   2. Portable Peristaltic pump with 12 rollers “Pembroke 12L”.
   3. Double manual fluidic valve.


   Surface Plasmon Resonance  platform “CORGI _Cubic”:

   1. Surface Plasmon Resonance  device with single channel “CORGI_Cubic”
   2. Portable Peristaltic pump with 6 rollers “Pembroke 6S”.
   3. Single manual fluidic valve.
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Compact Optical Research Instruments “CORGI“  specification

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Built-in temperature sensor:

external temperature compensation

CNC machining: stability
Flow-injection  or Open cuvette cell:
Transparent – easy  fluidics control
Single or double channel
SPR chip:  – simple installation
– optimal size & affordable

Resolution: up to 10-6 RIU

USB3.1 C-type single cable:

Data processing & Power supply

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Plasmetrix Portable SPR devices software

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Control software

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SPR data analysis and post-processing.

The Plasmetrix output integrates seamlessly with TraceDrawer software. TraceDrawer can be used to postprocess data (shift, cut, move, combine data from several experiments), estimate kinetic and affine constants, create reports and published figures.

Surface Plasmon Resonance simulation software. 
Surface Plasmon Resonance simulation software

Surface Plasmon Resonance Gold Chip Installation (tutorial)


Liquid delivery system:

​​Fluidics is easily accessible, interchangeable and includes single or double channel flow-injection cell, open cuvette with option of electrochemical analysis, and conventional petri dish for SPR cellular analysis.
SPR sensor chips 50nm gold film
SPR sensor chips

Sensor slides:

​​Sensor chips are traditional glass slides with a 45-50 nm gold thin film deposited onto an adhesion layer. A drop of matching oil serves for optical coupling of sensor chip to the prism.
To facilitate SPR chip installation, a holder for the standard size of 12x10mm or 12x7mm is available and can be adapted to customer requirements.

Pembroke peristaltic pumps – low pulse and portable:

– Pemproke 12B
– Pembroke 12L
– Pembroke 6S

TERMUNA: – Thermoelectric cold plate for precise temperature control from 5 to 60 degrees.

– guarantees optimal temperature conditions for test tubes, microplates and petri dishes during preparation of SPR samples and working solutions.

Plasmetrix specializes in compact and portable plasmonic devices at affordable prices for research and education. Measuring only 15cm in length, our tiny CORGI SPR system packs a lot of options and has been specifically designed to adapt to numerous laboratory and academic uses. The basic device can be ordered with add-on configurations, such as single or double channel flow-injection cell, open cuvette with option of electrochemical-SPR analysis, or conventional petri-dish for SPR sensing directly in a cellular environment. Its versatility and ease of use make it the perfect laboratory tool: the coupling prism and fluidics are easily accessible and interchangeable, and the sensing chips are conventional thin gold layers that can be either home-made or bought. Reaching a resolution of 10-6 RIU, this device shows great performances for all typical SPR monitoring applications – binding affinities, kinetics, and biosensing. 




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