Plasmetrix Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) devices:

SPECTRA_CUBE:    spectroscopy & real-time detection of plasmonic NPs   LSPR peak position. 

The Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) technique is used for label-free optical detection of biomolecular interactions in real time. This is a well-established biosensing technique with many benefits including portability, simplisity, high specificity and sensitivity which has found application in various fields such as drug discovery, material science and biosensors.
SPECTRA_CUBE : compact imaging spectrophotometry system for nanoplasmonics, a low cost device for research and education with configuration that can be adapted to meet individual customer requirements.
Plasmetrix LSPR : NIR compact imaging spectrophotometry system with horizontal spatial resolution, optimal for tandem cuvette and differential measurements. NIR spectral range allows Nanorods detection.
Source: high CRI LED
Detector: fast CMOS Camera
Spectral range       460 – 660nm
Temporal Resolution: up to 10-2 nm
Integrated temperature sensor: External temperature compensation
USB3.1 C-type:    Data processing & Power supply
Plasmetrix LSPR:
Source: Halogen Lamp
Detector: fast CMOS Camera
Spectral range       430 –850nm
Temporal Resolution: up to 10-2 nm
Integrated temperature sensor: External temperature compensation
USB3.1 C-type:    Data processing
Extinction Spectra
LSPR : colloidal plasmonic nanoparticles
Differential measurements:            horizontal configuration. Tandem cuvette.
Visual C++ control software: double channels


Light source                                            White High CRI LED
Measuring principle                           Diffraction Gratings spectrometer
Measuring approach                          Multi-track Spectroscopy                                                                                                                         Imaging Spectroscopy
Spectral range                                       460 – 660nm ( tunable on request)
Spectral Resolution                            < 0.01nm
Throughput                                             Single channel, Reference channel
Detector                                                   2D CMOS Camera
Sample injection method                Cuvette
Data processing                                    S/W via USB3 port
Dimension                                               56.5(w)x77(L)x31(H)mm
                                                                                x73(H)mm with cup
Control software                                  VisualC++,  LabView 
Power Requirements                         USB3.0 powered
Surface Plasmon Resonance Software


Applications:   Plasmonic NPs characterization, functionalization, nano-biosensing, Plasmonic biomarkers.

SpectraCube LSPR system:

a complete spectrophotometer optimized for plasmonic nanoparticles applications. Its design based on imaging spectroscopy has the advantage to allow both conventional single-channel analysis for sample characterization and dual-channel mode for real time differential detection using vertical or horizontal configuration with tandem cuvettes. The device is paired with an analytics software designed to precisely detect and follow plasmonic peak position (up to 0.01 nm). The system is ideal for LSPR applications including nanoparticles size and composition characterization, biosensing, and real-time monitoring of nanoparticles functionalization.
Plasmonic Nanoparticles Resonance spectra
Real-time dynamic of SH-PEG nanoparticles functionalization
Functionalization Nanoparticle PEG
Resonance peak position dependence on the NPs solution temperature.
Signal stability with real-time and constant reference. ​13nm Au NPs.
Nanoplasmonic Signal stability with real-time reference
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